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Limiting Speaker Program Risks in Light of The OIG's Special Fraud Alert

So much has happened in the last few months in our industry especially in light of the OIG’s Special Fraud Alert on Speaker Programs that was issued toward the end of the year. I want to really get into some of those nuts and bolts, talk about what the OIG is telling us with their guidance, how it might affect you, and what you can do to take control for your brand and your organization.

Understanding How HCPs Learn in Virtual Environments

When attending speaker programs, I’m fascinated with the various adult learning principles incorporated by speakers which focus on attendee engagement and behavioral change. Too often, however, there is little more than a slide deck and a didactic presentation that is reviewed by the speaker. There typically isn’t anything else in a presentation to reinforce the information discussed and to ensure retention and understanding among the audience. Usually, a speaker simply reads from the slides like a script while their audience is following along at the same time. They tend to present the data, rather than make it memorable and useful beyond the presentation.

How to Manage the Post-COVID-19 World of Speaker Programs after OIG's New Special Fraud Alert

When looking at the chart, speaker dinner programs have the potential of being risky from every suspect characteristic that is listed by the OIG/DOJ. The level of risk a company is willing to take must be determined by each biopharma company. However, if a company is concerned that the risk of conducting speaker dinner programs outweighs the benefits, then virtual speaker programs can deliver the needed education while lessening the number of risks taken.

What Never Changed in Pharma During COVID-19

COVID-19 has opened the eyes of every individual to the vital nature of biopharma and diagnostic innovations. The industry, though, hasn’t really changed what it does. Instead, biopharma’s enduring commitment toward innovation continues to be unwavering in its pursuit of saving and improving the quality of human lives.

How Virtual SpeakerCasts® are Changing the Future of Biopharma Communications

The COVID –19 Pandemic has been a moving target. Every time it feels we have a pulse on its direction, the situation changes, leaving many in biopharma scrambling to keep programs on track. There’s a reason pharma and biopharma spend hundreds of millions of dollars on speaker programs annually. Speakers and KOLs provide key insights which can influence healthcare professional’s perceptions and actions. Peer-to-Peer outreach works. If these programs aren’t executed, HCPs lose out on crucial medical education which could negatively impact patient care. As an industry, we have pushed forward to avoid that disruptive scenario by adopting innovative virtual means of communication at an unprecedented rate.