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4 Personal Skills Needed for Effective KOL Relationships

There are so many important skills needed to be an effective PM. Every PM I’ve worked with has been intelligent, knowledgeable, and has earned their position through years of skills development. Yet somehow, there’s a difference between PMs who successfully work with KOLs and those who don’t. While most PMs tend to be excellent planners, organizers, budgeters, and generally skilled business leaders—often with a premiere MBA—I don’t believe those business skills are the differentiators between good and bad PMs. In fact, I’d argue that those persons with the skills most sought after for successful advocate development can be recruited from within your sales department.

The One Change Marketers Haven't Done to Improve Speaker Programs

Last week, I was at a speaker program. There were some slides, mostly blue, with quite a bit of data accompanying the speaker talk. There were a lot of good epidemiological data about how the disease has become an epidemic and that the product treated the drug marginally well, with almost no side effects, but I really don’t remember much more of what was said. Why can’t I remember the 50 minutes of data that were presented just a week ago? Am I losing my memory? The reality is that there’s nothing really wrong with me. I’m pretty normal—and if I can’t remember a week later, I’m sure others are struggling to remember.

Only One Way to Clean up Pharma's Image

What's wrong with pharma? With CEOs making exorbitant bonuses, direct-to-consumer advertising that sours practitioners because it motivates so many healthy hypochondriacs, along with treatments that are increasing in price by double, triple, and sometimes quadruple digit percentages, pharma in fact, has an image problem. So, what can we do to clean it up?

4 Most Common Mistakes Brands make with Slide Decks

There’s a content crisis with healthcare education. We know this because find ourselves optimizing customers’ content more than ever before. Customers come to us with concerns over their content and ask us to assess the quality of their slides.

Vision2Voice Opens New Chicago Office

Vision2Voice is excited to announce its newest location at President’s Plaza in Chicago. Although Vision2Voice has already established a presence in the Chicagoland area, the company wanted to develop a more convenient location for both its employees and clients. This world-class facility is centrally located in the heart of Chicago’s biotech hub next to the Blue Line allowing convenient transportation options for employees.