Our Community


Dedicated to Service

Vision2Voice is deeply connected to the community around us and seeks to improve the community by giving back to those in need. We host a service day each year for employees to give back to the community and dedicate their time to those in need. We also encourage our employees to volunteer in the community on their own time and are committed to those acts of service, both financially and offering time for service.

Dedicated to the Environment

Vision2Voice is dedicated to the enhancement of the environment and eliminating needless excess resources by ensuring that we conserve energy and water, and reduce our paper and waste output. Our office is equipped with high efficiency light fixtures with hallway light sensors that shut off after a period of non-activity. We encourage employees to think before they print, in an effort to cut down on paper waste and offer on-site recycling programs. These are just some of the ways that Vision2Voice is dedicated to preserving the environment.

Dedicated to Ethics

Vision2Voice is committed to ethical and fair business practices. Our ethical stances and foundation can be found in our Statement of Ethics, which is a main driving force at our company. Vision2Voice is also proud to be an active member in the Business Ethics Alliance - actively attending ethics workshops and holding a spot on their Board of Trustees. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and strive to hold our business to the highest standards.