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Virtual Programs White Paper

Developing and Delivering Engaging Virtual Speaker Programs for HCPs

Virtual speaker programs are here to stay but are you putting your best foot forward your online meetings? Our free white paper delivers practical insights to conducting healthcare events online and covers everything from what to look for in a platform, how to look good on camera, and how to ensure that your audience is invested and engaged in your program.

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Speaker Taining White Paper

Strategic Pharmaceutical Speaker Training

While the advantages of live speaker training abound, there are drawbacks to live training as well. Due to costs of air travel, hotel, consulting fees, and many other expenses, this option can be expensive.

The events are not only costly, but they take more planning time for the pharmaceutical company. It takes energy to draft the agenda, plan the full curriculum, develop slides, select speakers and support their presentation development--and in some cases, gain internal legal or regulatory approval for content. While time is always a variable for the product team, it can't be forgotten that live training takes more time.

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Ad Board White Paper

Planning and Executing Exceptional Advisory Board Meetings

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) attend Advisory Board Meetings each year. Their level of knowledge and expertise, insight into particular markets, leadership qualities, and reputations are all reasons you select them to participate. Getting the most from them is a sign of a well-designed and superbly executed meeting. This is accomplished with tremdous planning and begins with developing objectives.

Brand leaders commonly put most of their advisory board planning energy into development of information-gathering strategies. And rightly so. One means to optimize your information-gathering is to develop strong realtionships with your KOLs. The better the relationship you build, the better the quality of information, feedback, and critique - both good and bad - you will receive from your KOLs.

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