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Speaker Taining White Paper

The Evolution of Biopharmaceutical Speaker Training

The last several years have changed the dynamic for speaker training in the biopharma industry, affecting every detail from right-sizing your speaker's bureau to determining the ideal methods and cadence for training. In this white paper, we examine the various forms of speaker training and break down the pros and cons to help you determine the right strategy for your training program to improve speaker retention, support your network of speakers, and build a solid foundation that will serve your bureau for years to come!

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Ad Board White Paper

Planning and Executing Exceptional Advisory Board Meetings

Advisory Boards are a critical component of a successful market-shaping strategy because they allow a look into the minds of true thought leaders to gain critical insights on products, programs, and outreach. In this white paper, we’ll show you the processes you can implement today to engage your KOLs and Advisors and ensure the success of your next advisory board meeting.

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Virtual Programs White Paper

Developing and Delivering Engaging Virtual Speaker Programs for HCPs

Virtual speaker programs are here to stay but are you putting your best foot forward your online meetings? Our free white paper delivers practical insights to conducting healthcare events online and covers everything from what to look for in a platform, how to look good on camera, and how to ensure that your audience is invested and engaged in your program.

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