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Reasons to Own a Professional Video Strategy

Do you have an online professional marketing strategy? With the overwhelming success of pharmaceutical online marketing, the question should not be whether or not you will add videos to your online marketing program, but how quickly you can put a plan in place to leverage this opportunity in your business.

Speaker Training Via the Web

Speakers provide one of the most promising methods of influencing prescribers. They are typically clinicians who have experience with a product and, coupled with their scientific training, have the know-how to determine how to guide their colleagues who may have less experience with the product. Peer-to-peer works. This is why companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on speaker programs. Truly developing speakers with impact, while minimizing costs, is the holy grail of medical education.

Should Representatives Sell Product or Drive Speaker Programs?

In less than 10 years, sales representative access to physicians has dwindled. While 80% of physicians were accessible to representatives in 2008, only about 44% are accessible today.

Does Stakeholder Engagement Really Drive a Brand?

Think about all of the meetings you attend every day designed to communicate and collaborate. Why so many meetings with so many opinions all to accomplish the same goals—driving a brand?

Speaker Training Via the Web: A Virtual Success Story

Speakers provide one of the most promising methods of influencing prescribers. They are typically clinicians who have experience with a product and, coupled with their scientific training, have the know-how to determine how to guide their colleagues who may have less experience with the product.

4 'Disruptive' Trends that will Shape Med Ed in 2016 and Beyond

From the way you watch television programming to how medical communication and education is carried out, new technologies are evolving to enhance and reinvent how we live, learn, socialize, and conduct business.

Speaker Training Quiz: Which is the Best Type for Your Organization?

Speaker Training takes on many forms-in-person, live video simulcast, on-demand video, or live via audio bridge with a slide viewer. Speaker training is generally perceived within the pharma and medical device industries as a requirement.

4 Best Practices for Peer-to-Peer Programs

Howard Drazner discusses how to optimize peer-to-peer programs.

How Pharma is Winning the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

Despite concern among health care professionals and the media, pharmaceutical companies are actually winning the fight against antibiotic resistance.

2014 Yields Record Pharma Spending Growth

Spending on pharmaceuticals increased substantially in the United States in 2014, which points to an improvement in American patient care.

4 Must-Do Professional Prelaunch Tactics

Dan Rehal & Kim Storvik, P.h.D discuss essential prelaunch tactics for pharmaceutical marketers.

The Great Ebola Vaccine Race

A background of several of the most promising Ebola vaccines in development.

How to Fortify Your Brand Messaging

Dan Rehal explains how to brand peer-to-peer programs and offers advice on messaging ideas for 2015.

How Price Controls Could Plug the New Product Pipeline

A discussion about how price controls in the United States could impact the global pharmaceutical industry.

Vision2Voice Recieves the 2014 BBB Integrity Award

V2V wins the 2014 BBB Integrity Award

The Future of Big Pharma: Preventative Medicine?

Tyler discusses the prevalence and future of preventative medicine in the pharmaceutical industry.

Vision2Voice Welcomes Howard Drazner to the Team

V2V Welcomes Howard Drazner to the team.

Special Report: 2014 ADA Scientific Sessions

Significant data came out of San Francisco this week as the American Diabetes Association’s 74th Scientific Session came to a close. This article provides a synopsis of some of the biggest stories from the meeting.

12 Ways to Boost your Video Marketing Content

Dan Rehal offers some advice on developing video marketing content.

Creating Value Through Online Marketing

As the effectiveness of DTC advertising declines, On-Demand videos can help create value in online marketing programs.

Wait, the Doctor-Patient Conversation?

The most appropriate words delivered to a carefully selected group of healthcare professionals leads to patients getting the best treatments. Or does it?

Simplifying Oncology: Incorporate KOLS

As oncology becomes more and more complex, it is more important than ever to incorporate KOLs into your medical education programs.

6 Reasons to Own a Professional Video Strategy

Six reasons to launch a professional video strategy

Your Most Important Role at Association Meetings

Dan Rehal shares some insights on how to be successful at association meetings.

Is Your Brand Prepared for the Affordable Care Act?

V2V provides some insights on how the Affordable Care Act affects pharmaceutical marketing.

Vision2Voice Opens Chicago Office

Vision2Voice is excited to announce the opening of its second office, which is located in Deerfield, IL.

4 Simple Tips for Smart Advisory Boards

V2V's tips for running outstanding advisory boards

Can Your Brand Survive Without Paying Speakers?

V2V responds to the debate surrounding the ethics of speaker training.

Return of the Blockbusters? Who to Watch out for in 2014

V2V's ideas on which drugs have significant growth potential in 2014.

Speaker Portals: Cut Costs and Build Relationships

Amy Ravi discusses the future of KOL tracking and how it is expected to change in the coming year.

The Early Impact of the Sunshine Act

Industry publications are flooded with articles trying to explain the Sunshine Act, but what is really happening as a result of the new legislation?

Why You May Not Be Targeting the Right KOLs

Peter Joshua of MMRG offers his insights on the importance of effective KOL audits

Three Reasons Live Speaker Training is a Good Option

How you can take charge of your work-life balance.

How to Select the Best Advisory Board Chair

Tips on how to pick the best Ad Board Chair

Getting More Out of Your Agency

How to get the most out of your medical education agency

Speaker Programs: Field-Driven vs. Marketing-Driven

Read about how conducting marketing-driven speaker programs provide 6 key advantages

Speakers and Consultants: The Big Data Revolution

Explaining the big data revolution of speakers and consultants

Four Reasons Why On-Demand Speaker Training Makes Sense

The reasons why On Demand Speaker Training can be very effective

Three Reasons DTC Marketing Will Likely Decline in 2013

Why DTC Marketing will Likely Decline in 2013

High Impact Advisory Boards Tips and Tricks

Some Tips and Tricks for High Impact Advisory Boards from Vision2Voice. -

Going Beyond Speaker Programs with Technology

How to use technology to connect with KOLs and physicians everywhere.

AMA Calls Obesity a Disease

The American Medical Association is trying to highlight the seriousness of obesity in America by calling obesity a disease.

U.S. Drug Market Shrinks

The U.S. drug market has shrunk for the first time. Read more here.