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Only One Way to Clean up Pharma's Image

What's wrong with pharma? With CEOs making exorbitant bonuses, direct-to-consumer advertising that sours practitioners because it motivates so many healthy hypochondriacs, along with treatments that are increasing in price by double, triple, and sometimes quadruple digit percentages, pharma in fact, has an image problem. So, what can we do to clean it up?

4 Most Common Mistakes Brands make with Slide Decks

There’s a content crisis with healthcare education. We know this because find ourselves optimizing customers’ content more than ever before. Customers come to us with concerns over their content and ask us to assess the quality of their slides.

Vision2Voice Opens New Chicago Office

Vision2Voice is excited to announce its newest location at President’s Plaza in Chicago. Although Vision2Voice has already established a presence in the Chicagoland area, the company wanted to develop a more convenient location for both its employees and clients. This world-class facility is centrally located in the heart of Chicago’s biotech hub next to the Blue Line allowing convenient transportation options for employees.

The Things Really Amazing Speakers Do

Want to have the best speaker’s bureau? Your speakers will have to communicate effectively. It doesn't matter whether they’re specialists, primary care physicians, or non-physician practitioners— your success depends heavily on their effective communication. When they perform poorly, you can almost always trace the problem to a breakdown in communication. When things go right, great communicators usually help create the successful results. It's a necessary skill in every aspect of business, social and family life. How speakers communicate will determine if they lead, command respect, earn trust, and are well liked. Here are 7 practices to help them master.

7 Ways to Handle Difficult KOLs

We’ve all been there. We’ve dealt with difficult customers in our jobs—sometimes daily. So many issues abound with managing difficult clients, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), speakers, and advisors. After all, these are some of the smartest and most accomplished individuals on the planet! In my experience, while most are absolutely wonderful, others aren’t so easy. This topic warrants a discussion to help us deal with difficult KOLs.