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Are Travel Restrictions Impacting Your Ability to Execute In-Person Meetings with HCPs?

Are travel restrictions impacting your ability to execute live meetings? Virtual online meetings provide a solution for pharma marketers trying to keep their projects on track.

Driving Influences for Change in Prescribing Practices: High vs. Low Threshold Speakers

In the world of pharmaceutical marketing, the job of a speaker is to influence healthcare professionals (HCPs) to make the right decisions on behalf of their patients. Yet great medical treatments don’t always advance because it’s right or because the advantages are obvious. It is because of an HCP’s threshold for change—not because of their beliefs, but how willing they are to go against the grain and drive new trends

Vision2Voice Wins 2019 Better Business Bureau Integrity Award

In Vision2Voice’s 12th year of business, I find myself thinking about our biggest achievements. Time and again it comes back to our relationships and the values we share with you as our clients.

4 Points to Consider when Building a Speakers' Bureau

Learning how to build and manage a speakers bureau to create maximum impact is a delicate dance. Identifying the right speakers, recruiting them to your organization, right-sizing your bureau when you have too many or the wrong speakers, and ensuring you’re aligned with key compliance and regulatory needs are all things to balance.

2 Experiments Proving Pharma Education Matters

In the last 25 years, two events have changed the face of how we educate doctors and no matter how you look at it, these social experiments prove that education from pharmaceutical companies really does matter. Many doctors do listen to their sales reps. Moreover, they really listen to their peers who are often academics, clinical trialists, and patient advocates.