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What Never Changed in Pharma During COVID-19

COVID-19 has opened the eyes of every individual to the vital nature of biopharma and diagnostic innovations. The industry, though, hasn’t really changed what it does. Instead, biopharma’s enduring commitment toward innovation continues to be unwavering in its pursuit of saving and improving the quality of human lives.

How Virtual SpeakerCasts® are Changing the Future of Biopharma Communications

The COVID –19 Pandemic has been a moving target. Every time it feels we have a pulse on its direction, the situation changes, leaving many in biopharma scrambling to keep programs on track. There’s a reason pharma and biopharma spend hundreds of millions of dollars on speaker programs annually. Speakers and KOLs provide key insights which can influence healthcare professional’s perceptions and actions. Peer-to-Peer outreach works. If these programs aren’t executed, HCPs lose out on crucial medical education which could negatively impact patient care. As an industry, we have pushed forward to avoid that disruptive scenario by adopting innovative virtual means of communication at an unprecedented rate.

Go from a Good to a Great Product Director by Improving One Skill

What separates a good PD from a truly great one is the ability to combine their business skills with the people skills (conscientiousness, self-awareness, empathy, social skills) that were highlighted in my previous article. My colleagues and I have always referred to these rare individuals as ‘unicorns’ because that perfect mix of two seemingly diametrically opposed skillsets can feel impossible to find. In reality, naturally discovering that combination of skills in a single individual is very unlikely, but the most encouraging words I can give to any new PM is that these skills can, in fact, be learned and developed if they are willing to make the effort.

Industry Insights with Howard Drazner

We sat down with V2V's own Howard Drazner to talk about the changes he's seen in the industry over the last 37 years for Healthcare Marketers.  This candid 1 on 1 interview includes everything from tips on ensuring successful peer-to-peer programs to what the future holds for healthcare communications and how we might adapt.

Case Study: Pivoting from an In-Person to a Virtual Advisory Board

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced a Global Pharmaceutical Company to cancel a Live Advisory Board, they were left with less than a week to find a digital solution or cancel. See how V2V worked with their brand team to stay on schedule and successfully convert the program in record time.