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Should Representatives Sell Product or Drive Speaker Programs?

In less than 10 years, sales representative access to physicians has dwindled. While 80% of physicians were accessible to representatives in 2008, only about 44% are accessible today.

Does Stakeholder Engagement Really Drive a Brand?

Think about all of the meetings you attend every day designed to communicate and collaborate. Why so many meetings with so many opinions all to accomplish the same goals—driving a brand?

Speaker Training Via the Web: A Virtual Success Story

Speakers provide one of the most promising methods of influencing prescribers. They are typically clinicians who have experience with a product and, coupled with their scientific training, have the know-how to determine how to guide their colleagues who may have less experience with the product.

4 'Disruptive' Trends that will Shape Med Ed in 2016 and Beyond

From the way you watch television programming to how medical communication and education is carried out, new technologies are evolving to enhance and reinvent how we live, learn, socialize, and conduct business.

Speaker Training Quiz: Which is the Best Type for Your Organization?

Speaker Training takes on many forms-in-person, live video simulcast, on-demand video, or live via audio bridge with a slide viewer. Speaker training is generally perceived within the pharma and medical device industries as a requirement.